Frequently Used Recruitment Terms

Bid – Invitation to join a sorority

Continuous open bidding/continuous open recruitment (COB/COR) – An opportunity for chapters that do not reach campus total. Begins the day after Bid Day of Formal Recruitment and continues throughout the academic year.

Gamma Chi/Recruitment Counselor – Each PNM will be put into a recruitment group led by one or two Gamma Chis. The Gamma Chis are unbiased counselors that will aid the PNMs through the recruitment process by answering any questions they might have.

Greek Alliance Council (GAC) – Cultural and interest-based fraternities and sororities; UNC has 14 GAC fraternities and sororities

Interfraternity Council (IFC) – The largest men’s organization on campus made of 27 member fraternities.

Membership recruitment acceptance binding agreement (MRABA)- A one-year binding agreement signed by a potential new member on preference night. By signing this agreement, the potential new member agrees that she is bound to the chapter she is matched with until the next formal recruitment period.

Greek Groove – An annual dance competition between Panhellenic chapter chapters that raises money for the UNC Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders.

National PanHellenic Council (NPHC) - National Pan-Hellenic Council. Historically black Greek letter organizations; UNC has eight of the Divine Nine NPHC chapters.

New Member – A new member of a sorority before she is initiated member.

New Member Period – The period of time after formal recruitment and before initiation where new members learn about the history of the organization and obligations of membership.

NPC – National Panhellenic Conference

Panhellenic Chapter Delegates – A representative from each chapter that meets weekly with the Panhellenic Executive Council.

Panhellenic Executive Council – The Panhellenic Executive teams serves as the overarching governing body for the Panhellenic Council. The chapters that make up the Panhellenic Council are National Panhellenic Conference groups as well as any voted in associate member groups.

Panhellenic Recruitment Team (PRT) – Plans and oversees the recruitment process. Includes the Panhellenic President, VP Recruitment, VP Standards, Recruitment Assistant, and Gamma Chi Coordinators.

PNM – Potential new member. All incoming freshman women and registered upper classmen are considered PNMs.

Quota – The number of potential new members each NPC women’s fraternity may offer membership on a campus during a recruitment. UNC has a first-year and an upperclassmen quota. Check out the Recruitment Booklet for more information!

Quota Addition – A woman who was not matched during initial bid matching, but is added to a chapter’s bid list after. A potential new member is only eligible to be a quota addition if she maximized her options throughout recruitment.

Recommendation Letters – PNM introductions to the chapters by alumnae of that chapter. Alumnae do not have to have been a member of the local UNC chapter to write a recommendation. Recommendation letters are not required.

Recruitment Party – PNMs will visit multiple houses during each round of recruitment. Each house visit of that round is considered a party.

Recruitment Rounds – UNC participates in four recruitment rounds, Open House, Philanthropy, Sisterhood/House Tours, and Preference. Each round is made up of multiple parties.

Snap bidding – An option available to chapters that did not fill quota during bid matching. Chapters may offer bids to potential new members whose preferences were not matched and who attended at least one party of formal recruitment. This process takes place before bids are distributed. Snap bidding is not intended to fill spaces in the chapter total and is limited to any woman who participated in the designated recruitment. Snap bidding ends once Bid Day activities have begun.

Total – The allowable chapter size, as determined by the College Panhellenic, which includes both new members and initiated members. UNC calculates total automatically 72 hours after Bid Day based on the average chapter size.

Values Based Recruitment– The purpose of values-based recruitment is to focus on meaningful conversations with potential new members, who will have a positive impact on the Panhellenic community. Nonessential features should be removed from the process, and the focus of membership recruitment should be on the values, benefits and obligations of membership for each organization.