We are deeply concerned with the safety of all of our members and encourage Panhellenic Women to utilize the following resources:

Hazing Hotline/Report a Hazing Incident

Safe @ UNC: Interpersonal Violence Awareness and Prevention

Alcohol Policy

OFSL Alcohol Policy 2016 Review

Drug Rehab Guide

Crisis Response

  • If you have an emergency situation, or are with another student in an emergency situation, dial 911.
  • In Chapel Hill, 911 is the access # for all police and EMS related situations, from minor incidents to major emergencies. Do not hesitate to call 911 because you are unsure of whether the situation is serious enough. The operators are trained to make that decision and contact the appropriate response providers.
  • Any member of the UNC community seeking consultation about when to intervene on behalf of a student, how to respond to a student in distress, and where to refer students in need of care should contact UNC Counseling and Wellness (CWS) at (919) 966-3658 or the Office of the Dean of Students at (919) 966-4042.

Local Police Departments

UNC Campus Police (for non-emergencies only)

  • 919-962-3951 (during business hours) 919-962-8100 (after 5pm)

Chapel Hill Police

  • 919-968-2760

Carrboro Police

  • 919-918-7397

Pedestrian Hotline

  • 843-PEDS

Sexual Assault Response

These measures are available regardless of whether a student reports their experience to law enforcement or seeks to pursue any additional action.

Campus Health Services

  • Call 919-966-3650 for options for care

Office of the Dean of Students

  • Call 919-966-4042
Both the Office and the Dean of Students and Ew Quimbaya- Winship can assist students seeking interim protective measures such as University-based no contact orders, changes in housing or class schedules, and other measures designed to promote the safety and well-being of students.

Title IX Coordinator

  • Contact: Katie Nolan
  •  Call (919) 445-1577

Deputy Title IX/Student Complaint Coordinator

Orange County Rape Crisis Center

  • 1-866-WE LISTEN (1-866-935-4783) or 967-7273

Carolina Women’s Center

  • 919-962-8305

Compass Center for Women and Families

  • 1-866-929-7122 or 929-7122