The Panhellenic sororities host primary recruitment collectively at the beginning of the fall semester. The primary recruitment period is designed in a way that allows each potential member the opportunity to become acquainted with as many sororities as possible so that she may make a wise and unbiased decision concerning membership. Furthermore, primary recruitment allows sororities to recruit potential members on an equal opportunity basis under Panhellenic guidelines.

Recruitment Booklet

Each woman interested in joining a Panhellenic Sorority must register for Panhellenic Recruitment prior to coming to campus in the fall. Each year, the Panhellenic Council publishes a recruitment guide to inform the Potential New Members (PNMs) about the recruitment process. The booklet is published online. 

Check out the 2019 Primary Recruitment Guide


Recruitment 101

What do I need to know before recruitment?

1.     If you know a woman in a sorority, great! Please stick to general questions about the Panhellenic system - do not ask her specific questions about her chapter. To keep the recruitment process fair for everyone, sorority women will not be allowed to be in contact with you during recruitment.

2.     Remember that recruitment is an alcohol-free period for all chapter members and potential new members so we are able to focus on recruitment.

3.     Any letters of recommendation should be sent to individual chapters. Recommendation letters are not required in order to participate in recruitment.

4.     Panhellenic recruitment takes place during IFC (fraternity) recruitment.-   Primary recruitment will not be taking place during IFC recruitment this year. IFC’s will be before Panhellenic’s.

What is the schedule for recruitment?

Round 1.1 - Open House: August 29th,  6:00 - 9:40 PM; 20 minute rounds with 20 minute transitions and 1 break

Round 1.2 - Open House: August 30st, 5:00 - 9:20 PM; 20 minute rounds with 20 minute transitions and 1 break

Round 2 - Philanthropy: August 31st, 10:00 AM - 6:50 PM; 30 minute rounds with 20 minute transitions and 3 breaks

Round 3 - House Tours/Sisterhood: September 2nd, 12:00 PM - 6:40 PM; 40 minute rounds with 20 minute transitions and 2 breaks

Round 4 - Preference: September 3rd, 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM; 45 minute rounds with 20 minute transitions and 2 breaks

Bid Day - September 4th, 5:00 PM


How does recruitment work?

Recruitment is based on a mutual selection process based on preferences of the houses and the potential new member (PNM). After each round, you will preference the houses you have visited that day. You will find out the houses you will visit the next day at the start of that next round.

·      In round one, you will visit every house for 20 minutes (round 1 is spread out over two days).

·      In round two, you will visit up to eight houses for 30 minutes each.

·      In round three, you will visit up to five houses for 40 minutes each.

·      In round four, you will visit up to two houses for 45 minutes each.


Phi Beta Chi is an Associate Member of Panhellenic and does not participate in Panhellenic Primary Recruitment. Phi Beta Chi is a social sorority with Christian ideals. Contact Talia Wlcek to learn more. You can also find the financial information for Pi Beta Chi here.


What happens during a round?

UNC Panhellenic is excited to participate in values-based recruitment. Therefore, you should focus on finding the best match between your values and chapter values. Additionally, each round has a theme, so chapter members will tell you what their chapter does for sisterhood events or for philanthropy. Round 1 is a short open house round that focuses on introductions. Round 2 is a philanthropy-focused round; each chapter has a unique national charity and annual events to tell you about. Round 3 focuses on house tours and sisterhood. And finally, round 4 (“preference round”) gives you a taste of chapter ritual. This round should have the longest and deepest conversations as you decide where you would like to join.


The main thing to remember is to be yourself, show your values, and be polite to chapter members. Remember that chapter members have even longer days than you! Disrespect to any chapter or chapter members will not be tolerated and will be addressed directly by the Vice President of Standards.


Who will be helping me through this process?

Your main point of contact will be your Gamma Chi recruitment counselors. You will be placed into a group with about twenty other potential new members and two Gamma Chis. These counselors are sorority members who have disaffiliated to help you through the recruitment process. They are impartial leaders who will walk you to rounds, answer your questions, and help input your preferences after each round.


You will also meet a member of the Panhellenic Judicial Board outside of each chapter house. She is also disaffiliated from her chapter and will help line you up and check you in before each round. It is incredibly important to listen to her instructions and make sure you are checked in on time.


What should I wear?

You may wear whatever you want to each round. You should aim to show off your personal style (within reason). You will receive a Panhellenic t-shirt to wear for both days of round 1. Chapter members will wear increasingly dressy clothes with each round.


What not to do:

1.     DO NOT SKIP ROUNDS. You will not be able to continue with recruitment if you skip any round without an excuse approved by the Panhellenic council.

2.     Do not be disrespectful to any chapter or chapter members under any circumstances. You may be dismissed from recruitment due to severe disrespect.

3.     Follow the instruction of Gamma Chi recruitment counselors and Panhellenic Judicial Board members.

4.     Do not be late to rounds. Please walk/run as quickly as you can between rounds. Tardiness will disrupt the round and does not create a good first impression.

5.     Do not ask other women what chapters they like or dislike. The recruitment process only works when each woman makes her own decision based on which houses she feels her values fit best with.

For more information see Recruitment FAQs and the Glossary of Recruitment Terms

For all questions regarding Panhellenic Recruitment please e-mail Vice President of Recruitment, Emily.