Chapter Financial Dues


all dues are per semester

*Zeta Tau Alpha New Member dues for new members living in Granville Towers is $2,128.50 as the meal plan cannot be reduced/dropped

Meal Plans

New members joining chapters that offer meal plans can take their bid card to the One Card office within one day of receiving their bid to adjust their on-campus meal plan. There is a $50 processing fee at the time of cancellation. Note that Granville Towers meal plans cannot be cancelled, but they can be reduced (or increased) at the start of the spring semester. 


To help afford the cost of dues, the Panhellenic Excellence Award gives a $500 scholarship to 3 applicants of whom the Executive Council and Academic Excellence Committee selects. The scholarship takes into account character, involvement in the Panhellenic community and on campus, and need. Most chapters also provide financial aid, chapter scholarships, and national scholarships. Each chapter can provide more information on the different financial options available.

Phi Beta Chi Dues

Phi Beta Chi is an associate member of our Panhellenic Association and therefore are not included in our Primary Recruitment dues average; however, the dues for this chapter are as follows:

New Member Dues: $700

Dues: $500