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Below you can find frequently asked questions pertaining to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Panhellenic Association's Rules and Regulations including the Standing Rules and Bylaws previewed on this page. You can also find Frequently Asked Questions below for all of your risk managment needs. You may also search any of the information on the page with the search bar below.

If you have any questions, please contact Gabby, Panhellenic VP of Standards

Frequently Asked Questions



1. What do you mean "standards" for Panhellenic?

UNC Panhellenic is committed to ensuring a safe, fair environment for sorority life. The Panhellenic Standards team is led by the Panhellenic VP Standards and judicial board members from each chapter known as a whole as the Panhellenic Judicial Board (PJB). Primary tasks for the standards team include approving all sorority social events, creating and regulating recruitment rules, and monitoring Greek Groove rules. The PJB will also adjudicate alleged violations of all Panhellenic Bylaws and Standing Rules policies and procedures and NPC Unanimous Agreements. Please see Appendix E  of the Panhellenic Standing Rules for more information on the judicial process.

2. What can my chapter get in trouble for?

Any alleged violations of the Panhellenic Bylaws and Standing Rules policies procedures and NPC Unanimous Agreements may be adjudicated by the Panhellenic Judicial Board. Both policies may be accessed below. These rules include all Panhellenic recruitment rules, continuous open bidding rules, Greek Groove rules, and social event policies.

3. Who can report violations?

Violations, excluding recruitment violations, must be reported and signed by the President of a Panhellenic member sorority on behalf of her chapter. No anonymous reports will be accepted except in regards to anonymous tips from the Hazing Hotline. These infractions should be reported on a College Panhellenic Violation Report Form within 30 days of the alleged incident and may be signed by either the chapter president, a chapter executive officer, a college Panhellenic advisor or a Panhellenic advisor. Chapters are encouraged to bring proof of violations. Please see Appendix E of the Panhellenic Standing Rules for more information.

4. What happens if my chapter is reported?

Based on the outcome of an informal discussion, if a Violation Report Form is properly received by the Panhellenic Council, the accused chapter shall receive a Notice of Infraction Form. Upon receipt of this form, the accused chapter shall contact the Panhellenic Council President within one week to schedule mediation or choose to proceed directly to a judicial board hearing.

5. How can I get involved with Panhellenic standards?

The Panhellenic Standards Board is chaired by the Panhellenic VP Standards, Gabby, and one Panhellenic Judicial Board representative from each chapter. Applications for the judicial board will be sent to chapter presidents in late February. Please email uncpanhelstandards@gmail.com with any standards related rules suggestions or questions.

Social Events


1. How do I get a social event approved for my chapter?

Each chapter must submit and obtain approval the following three forms for each social event: the Social Event Approval Form, the Theme Approval Form, and the Wristbands Approval Form. The social event approval form and theme approval form must be emailed to uncpanhelstandards@gmail.com 7 days before the event, and the wristbands approval form must be emailed to uncpanhelwristbands@gmail.com 48 hours in advance of the event.

2. What are the fees for late forms?

There is a $10 late fee for each day each of these forms are late. If fined, you will be notified by the VP Standards and should have your chapter's VP Finance write a check for the specified amount to UNC Panhellenic. Someone from the chapter needs to bring the check to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life and Community Involvement in Granville South  and put it in the Panhellenic box on the front desk within one week of the notification.

3. What guidelines does Panhellenic expect chapters to follow when hosting a social event?

For each social event, chapters are expected to adhere to the Panhellenic Suggested Risk Management Best Practices, the Fraternity and Sorority Alcohol Policy, and the University Alcohol Policy.

Greek Groove


1. Where can I find the Greek Groove rules?

Click here for the 2019 rules.

2. What are some highlights of the Greek Groove rules?

-Each chapter is allowed between 15-24 dancers and dances will be a maximum of three minutes

-All themes, music and images/videos must be approved by the Panhellenic Executive Board. No explicit or provoking language, images or costumes. Tops must have strops of at least three fingers wide, bottoms must be tasteful, and no heels.

-No outside choreographers (violations will result in the initiation of the judicial process)

-No thrown stunts ($50 fine per violation)

-No confetti or glitter ($2,000 fine to repaint the stage)

-Maximum budget of $720 for all costumes, makeup and props

3. What are the prizes for winning Greek Groove?

There will be a donation to the respective philanthropies of the top three winning chapters in the following amounts: first place $1,000, second place $500, and third place $250. In a tie, chapters will split the money.

4. How is Greek Groove scored?

-The chapter with the highest proportion of chapter members in attendance at the benefit night will receive one point

-The chapter with the highest proportion of chapter members in attendance at the health event will get first choice for the performance lineup

-For every $250 raised, a chapter will receive one additional point to their total score (maximum of 4 points)

-Failure to meet deadlines will result in a deduction of one point from the respective chapter’s final score for each missed deadline

-Chapter dances will be judged on costumes, cleanliness of routines, creativity, presentation, energy and overall performance

5. Who do I contact with questions?

Email Ashton Edge, Panhellenic VP of Special Events


To view the 2019 recruitment rules click HEre

Standing Rules of UNC-Chapel Hill Panhellenic Association

Bylaws of UNC-Chapel Hill Panhellenic Association